Bellingua provides tutoring for all school subjects, including languages, sciences, economics and general subjects. We will look at study methods. During the course the student is trained to manage his or her own effective study method. This allows the student to continue independently in the future.

A student may also wish to have certain parts of a subject explained again. A personal explanation, sometimes from a different angle, can do wonders.

Study Method based on five pillars

The five pillars - planning, understanding, learning method, self-evaluation and motivation – are paramount.

By holding a mirror and training their habits, the students are prepared to proceed with real prospects of success.

Study Coaches

A team of coaches, each an expert in their own domain, will take your student under their wing with patience and determination. All study coaches are qualified teachers and academics … all with experience in teaching

Teach the Teacher

Bellingua regularly organises training periods for its coaches. Experiences are exchanged, methods are explored and approaches to specific students are discussed. This ensures on-going quality improvement. 

Results first!

After an intake session, in which we gather as much information about the student as possible, we propose a learning plan. Each pupil or student is individually supervised. Clear communication between the student, the parents and Bellingua creates an atmosphere of mutual trust.

The progress and results are discussed at the end of each period and the approach is adjusted if necessary. The results come first! After all, the results are the reason that Bellingua has earned the trust of so many parents over the years!