Language training made to measure for businesses and individuals

Language education: invest in your employees!

Do you have non-native employees working in your company? Is your sales department looking after a new language area? Does one of your employees wish to hone or perfect his or her language skills? Do you value internal communications with foreign-language speakers within your company? Do not hesitate to invest in the development of language competence!

Company presentations, receptions, product launches, sales meetings, negotiations, instructions, training courses… Every time you come into contact with a speaker from another language, it is important to be able to say the right things, taking into account any inherent linguistic and cultural nuances.

Keep it simple!

At Bellingua we like to keep it simple: we give you a language test and discuss the objectives of the course with you. We then propose a learning plan to enable the student to achieve clearly defined goals.

Language learning with real language instructors!

All our language tutors are experienced teachers. Most of them are native speakers and have business experience. Their passion and knowledge are the basis for successful and compact language courses.

The Bellingua Method!

The method and the contents are always discussed as a team. Bellingua keeps an extensive archive of teaching materials for all sectors. In addition, teachers regularly create new and customised contents in order to always meet the client’s needs in the best possible way.

Feedback or evaluation sessions:

During the course the client will be provided with the necessary feedback moments. The language instructor will by mutual consent conduct interim evaluations, so that the progress of each student can be tracked. This allows the language instructor to adjust the learning plan in order to work efficiently towards the aims and objectives.